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New on 500px : Sea Clouds in Yangshuo by ThierryBornier by ThierryBornier

Early Morning , complete sea cloud in the top of the mountain of Yangshuo

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New on 500px : Yangshuo Moutains by ThierryBornier by ThierryBornier

Climbing this mountain every day for 5 days , finally I got the Mood I was looking for to realise this shot

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New on 500px : Traditional Fishing by MCastro17 by MCastro17

Just came back from China. What a wonderful country; so many photos to be taken! I took this one of the cormorant fisherman by the Li River, near Yangshuo. I did some research before I went so I had a pretty good idea how cormorant fishing worked, but had no idea how fast those birds are. They’ll dive after a fish to catch it, but since the fishermen ties a snare around it’s throat it cannot swallow a large fish. Rather, it holds the fish in its throat and coughs it up when the fisherman brings the bird back to the boat. It was pretty cool to watch!

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New on 500px : Fisherman of Dreams by Joel_Santos by Joel_Santos

I’ve been photographing this area in Guangxi province, China, since 2006 and witnessing the fast decay of the cormorant fisherman. The youngest fisherman are attracted by new and more profitable jobs, opening the way for the disappearing of a traditional craft and culture.

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New on 500px : Guilin Hilltop by myspacetom by myspacetom

Just got back from an incredible trip in China, and the highlight is what you see here before you. Climbing to this Guilin mountaintop was rather treacherous; slick sharp rocks dotted the path, that is not exactly a path. My BFF Trey Ratcliff who was with me during this climb cut himself up pretty bad. The way down in the dark was even worse. But even with the scrapes, humidity and muddy pants, I felt oh so lucky to have witnessed this sunset: color in the sky is really rare down here. I’m still buzzing about it 4 days later 🙂

This is a single image processed in Lightroom and Photoshop; no composites or brackets.

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New on 500px : A View To Die For by peterstewartphotography by peterstewartphotography

View of the Li River from the top of Lao Zhai Shan, one of the highest peaks in Yangshuo that you can climb.

Peter Stewart | Photography
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New on 500px : HEADING HOME – XING PING by farflung2002 by farflung2002

A rice farmer heading home in the late afternoon – Li River Valley, China.
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