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New on 500px : Walking in the Rice Tereaces by ju5t4fun by ju5t4fun

This was shot at YuanYang Rice Tarraces in Yunnan, China. The Hani people built their farm along the mountain and create the masterpiece of Yuanyang rice tearraces.

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New on 500px : ploughing by ceciliach by ceciliach

the rice terraces may look pretty in the eyes of tourists or photographers, but to local people, it means a lot of hard labour.

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New on 500px : By Any Weather by yagukon by yagukon

Yuan Yuang rice terraces, Yunnan province, China. A man repairing rice field

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New on 500px : Memory of a dawn by everlookphotography by everlookphotography

Shudu Lake
Yunnan Province, China

Marianne and I arrived to Potato national park in cold, blanket conditions with thick fog. Eventually, the mist started to lift as the sun burnt off the last remnants into a beautiful blue sky day. Seems like the couple at the end of the makeshift pier were appreciating it too !

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New on 500px : let there be light by ceciliach by ceciliach

this picture and the previous one were taken in the same spot. please press M to have larger view.

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