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New on 500px : The colors of Matterhorn by ilhan1077 by ilhan1077

I would like to tell the story of this pictures to you my dear friends.there is just one hotel in motterhorn area which ı am staying.Even that the hotel is too far to reach suitable area for taking pic.You have to get a train to arrive to top on the mountain.But the sunset its about to 21.30,the last train is in 20.00 to turn back . I decided that ı will catch the sunset whatever it takes.I got a train , got top on the mountain and took my all beautiful shots but the time is almost midnight.No train,No car nothing for get back to hotel.I start to walk in down to mountain in the midnight.İt was cold and dark.Every step ı take ı was sinking in the mud. I didnt know until that time ,going downhill harder then uphill 🙂 . Thanks god my iphone with me.I used navigation and light.After 2 hours walk, I reached at my hotel.Now ı present to you full of adventure motterhorn pic.Than you will see it was worth everything.
canon 5D mark II lens 16-35 f2.8L II USM
clouds ND 1000 300second F 18 iso 100
mountain without ND 1/15 F 8 iso 100

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New on 500px : Starscape of Gornergrat by FrancisSo by FrancisSo

This photo was taken when I was travelling at Switzerland, I stayed at 3100 Kulmhotel Gornergrat (Mont Rosa view) and I took this photo at my room. You can see the milkyway above the glacier and the snow mountain. However, this great scene only last for about one hour and the dawn came. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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New on 500px : Matterhorn Sunrise by myst1cal by myst1cal

This one shows the famous swiss Matterhorn on a very cloudy and rainy sunset… i really loved the look of the clouds as i went out of my tent and watched up in the sky..

If you’re interested in my work you can take a closer look at my website. http://www.simonroppel.com

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New on 500px : Matterhorn reflexion in Stellisee by Daniel_Metz by Daniel_Metz

The little lake Stellisee offers the better reflexion of the matterhorn.
to wait for the magic moment of sunrise, we should spend the night at the lake. The long wait is rewarded at 8:00 am

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New on 500px : Golden hour begins in Stellisee lake by AlfredoCostanzo by AlfredoCostanzo

I spent three days camping around the lakes of Zermatt. It was really incredible. Try to study the composition, wait for a unique situation, always with the goal to communicate a small photo story. Communicate something different than a place so photographed isn’t easy While I took the picture, the water movement changed to smooth, so I got an painted reflection of the Matterhorn.
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