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New on 500px : golden land by ceciliach by ceciliach

This picture was taken in Xinghua, Jiangsu province, China. The landscape here is called Duotian in chinese. Thousands of small pieces of land, square or round, wide or narrow, are standing separately above water, just high enough not to be drowned, with endless rapeseed flowers blossoming in every April. Surrounded by deep water, boat is the only means of transportation where local farmers have been living and working for generations. They need to add as much mud to the stacks every year to make up for land erosion caused by water waves and human activities. It manifest itself of a primitive farming practice that has been going on for thousands of years.

Now every spring, a lot of tourists go there to enjoy the stunning view. And the village built two towers inside the rapeseed to offer some vantage point view for photographers and tourists.

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New on 500px : morning float by ceciliach by ceciliach

this picture was taken in Ningde, Fujian province, China. The black lines are very low dikes built intentionally by local fishermen for trapping seashells. Everyday, when the high tide is coming, it brings seashells over, and the seashells love to dig holes and get into the mud. When the tide is gone, the mudflat expose to the sky and the shells will be stuck there to be picked up easily. But when the tide is on half way, this shore becomes photographers love. the mud dikes make fabulous view and change the scenery all the time till they are all covered by water.

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New on 500px : let there be light by ceciliach by ceciliach

this picture and the previous one were taken in the same spot. please press M to have larger view.

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New on 500px : let there be light by ceciliach by ceciliach

shot in yuanyang, yunnan province, china. this spot is called Tiger’s Mouth. it is a perfect location to shoot sunset. my lens was not wide enough to take in all the rice terraces.

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New on 500px : walking in colors by ceciliach by ceciliach

shot in yuanyang, yunnan, china, the red thing is a kind of alga, only could be seen in Jan. and Feb.

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New on 500px : mountain salute by ceciliach by ceciliach

this picture was taken in Putao, Guilin, China. my lens only took in a very small range of the karst mountains. the overall view is much spacious and magnificent.

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