500px Editors’ Choice : Cool the Flames by MAPhoto

Recently, on a 4-week long winter trip to Patagonian Argentina and Chile, I found icebergs stemming from some of the region’s largest glaciers to be a major interest, among other things. I photographed these sometimes house-sized chunks of crystal ice from above and below, and even at this point launched a pack-raft I carried 25 miles backpacking for the purposes of accessing and photographing some remote waters (not technically legal, unless your vessel meets their algae-free specifications). In the background of this image high peaks rise nearly 10,000ft from Lago Grey and in the foreground is that amazing clear ice reflecting a beautiful sunrise. To get the shot was very tricky, having no good way to anchor to the berg, floating along side it, it took many passes to get it right. It was eventually captured in a single exposure with a 24mm lens.

via 500px http://ift.tt/USkn3O

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