New on 500px : Oresund Sunset Explosion by eyeofalens by eyeofalens

Please pop this on black for an Oresund Sunset Explosion

Well I new that the Oresund stretch between Sweden & Denmark can put on some remarkable sunsets delivered by nature & after again keeping an eye on the sky & seeing what the clouds & sun were doing yesterday evening I made the 10 mins drive & knee deep wade to the this remarkable location. I couldn’t believe how still it was …like a glass mirror & for the Oresund thats remarkable as Skane is know as a very windy location . This image is not as still as it was when I arrived when it truly was like glass & is just one of many images captured on a very remarkable evening …but still I know this place can deliver more.
All I have done to the image is tonality & high dynamic control, pulled on the shadows of the boat, applied luminosity mask & orton layer…the rest is nature.

I’m sure there will be some doubters on the colors those I’ll gladly supply a copy of the raw file & they can make there own judgment.

If you like my visions come & vist me on FB & will chew the fat…or something like that, feel free to leave comments or ask questions
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