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New on 500px : A Dream Within a Dream by PedroQuintela1 by PedroQuintela1

My title is based on a 1849 Allan Poe´s poem that questions how can we distinguish between reality and fantasy. And this is very pertinent, because my sunset landscape was idealized before I shot it. In a couple of previous trips the forecast didn´t help, due to a very clean sky once and too much cloudy on the subsequent.

But, as always, I persiste and some weeks ago tried again. The day wasn´t what I want when I set all the gear and started to feel a bit demotivated. Then I notice a group of photographers in a spot above me and I was in his range… When I was starting to find another spot looked at the sky and that was what I dreamed! Was that real or was I dreaming? I only could make two single shots, using a 0.9 ND grad, a remote with the wide angle lens, before it all faded away, like… a dream.

I´m very glad to be here one more time, seeing all your amazing works, that inspire me so much. Hope that you like my vision, because was made from my heart and specially to be display on 500px. Thanks so much for your support in particular for not forgetting me, due to my forced absence last weeks. It means a lot to me. Have a great day and please feel free to comment in a constructive way.

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New on 500px : Lower Chasm Falls by vk7ze by vk7ze

Lower Chasm Falls on Smoko Creek, Meander Valley , Tasmania

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New on 500px : Sun Rainbow at Mono by celsomollo by celsomollo

An incredible struck of luck in the last day in California after a 5 day cloudless sky.


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New on 500px : Sorapiss Sunrise by mooploop by mooploop

Alle volte si deve sfidare la sorte.
Il meteo mi diceva che avrebbe piovuto sia lungo il percorso di andata che per tutto il tempo che sarei rimasto al lago per delle foto.
Lungo l’autostrada ho trovato a tratti pioggia, ma una volta passato San Vito di Cadore solo nuvole.
Dal passo Tre Croci, dove ho lasciato l’auto, mi sono diretto al lago lungo il sentiero. Sapevo della presenza di una ferratina, ma avendola già percorsa non mi ha dato sgradevoli sensazioni; solo le rocce umide per la forte umidità hanno tentato di destabilizzarmi, ma senza grossi risultati.
Arrivato circa un ora prima ho avuto il tempo per dare un occhio in giro e scegliere una buona angolazione per lo scatto.
Le nuvole, appena sorto il sole, si sono spostate e si sono tinte dei colori caldi dell’alba.

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New on 500px : Overload by AaronMPhoto by AaronMPhoto

After days spent hiking to a number of waterfalls, several breweries, and a few hours stuck in the snow, my 3 day trip to the Columbia River Gorge ended at Proxy Falls.

I arrived early so I could have time to figure out what compositions I wanted. The sun stayed behind the trees and out of the way until just after 10:30am, giving me over 2 hours to shoot with beautiful soft light. Once the sun came out I watched as the classic “light beams” came out. Ultimately I decided not to use those photos because I felt they distracted from the stunning waterfall!

Nikon D800 w/Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8 ED-IF AF-S:
17mm, f/9, 0.8 sec, ISO 100

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New on 500px : My secret spot by Luminous_Light by Luminous_Light

Have been shooting here for about a year and only just came across this beautiful view hidden down a small dirt track.

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