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New on 500px : Golden Elowah by TjThorne by TjThorne


I dedicate this photo to the camera of my buddy Ted Gore.

I had originally shot this composition in a heavy downpour with flat light. It came out okay enough but while I was shooting this Ted had alerted me that his camera wasn’t functioning. We had spent the day shooting in some serious rain (for Oregon’s standards) and while Ted took precautions to protect his camera (and honestly.. didn’t even have it out in the rain much), the wetness permeated his protective barriers and caused damage.

I was feeling rushed. Not only did I want to get his camera into the bag of rice we had in the car.. but I was also worried about my gear. So we hoofed it back, did what we had to do, and called it a day.

I liked this comp enough that I went back two days later in the evening. The rain had stopped, the flow of the water was lighter, and we were treated to a glorious golden light show. The sun was still cresting the canyon wall and it illuminated the foreground trees. The falls is recessed back enough that it was shielded from the light which really helped balance the photo.

Aside from Ted’s bad luck and the heavy rain the first day, we had a killer weekend of great spring conditions, awesome people, and good times.

Sorry about your camera, Ted!

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New on 500px : MotherDaughter by lightalivephotography by lightalivephotography

A lone figure stands against the ominous backdrop of a massive supercell over the high plains of Powder River Basin, Wyoming.

This storm was radar indicated to have dropped baseball sized hail. I encountered a 70 year old rancher on the county road we were on who came from his ranch to view the storm. He mentioned it was the largest storm he’d seen in his entire life living in this area. I don’t doubt him at all. It was a splitting supercell that formed near Ranchester, Wyoming off of the Bighorn Range. Its sister cell produced a confirmed tornado in Montana.

3 image horizontal stitch.

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