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New on 500px : High Plains Supercell by TonySpencer by TonySpencer

A supercell thunderstorm over the higher region of the Great Plains in Colorado from a month or so ago.
I was with a bunch of great guys for this trip and we drove over 7000 miles in 12 days chasing storms from the Mexico border all the way up to the Canada border and then back again, passing through 10 states in the process.
This image was made towards the end of our trip after a mostly disappointing first week.
Chasing any natural phenomena is going to be a risk, chasing supercell thunderstorms around on Tornado Alley is probably the most challenging on a few levels. Getting on the right storm is the first priority but staying safe also ranks pretty high. With those two factors getting into photogenic locations to make images is not easy. There were many places we would have loved to stay longer or to have been in a position to stop at all but had to bail as the storms were approaching too fast. None of us realy want to total a $50,000 car in a hail storm to get a photograph!
After shooting this storm we drove into Texas ready for the chase the following day. After about an hour of sleep the tornado sirens were blaring out in Amarillo and a line of severe thunderstorms can tearing through town. A pretty scary night for sure!

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New on 500px : Foothill Magic by KyleFowler by KyleFowler

A Supercell rolls off the foothills of Southern Alberta July 10, 2014

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New on 500px : Meso Invasion by IH-photography by IH-photography

Mesocyclone of a LP supercell which crossed the plain of Caen (Normandy – France) in early June.
The circulation under the wall cloud you can see here was amazingly fast.

A fabulous moment that Nature offered us… Thank you.

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New on 500px : The Arcadia, NE Supercell by SkyScenes by SkyScenes

A beautiful sculpted supercell unleashes in the sky near Arcadia, Nebraska sand hills on May 26, 2014. The very visible structure, frequent lightning, and almost stationary storm motions made for a very interesting sunset and twilight display. Feel free to share!
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New on 500px : Double Tornado and Lightning Trifecta – Pilger, NE by landscapephotos by landscapephotos

Feel free to share! Double tornadoes with a cloud to ground lightning bolt unfolds in the distance beyond some hay bales on a farm northwest of Pilger, Nebraska on June 16, 2014. A rare scene.

Photo prints can be purchased here. Sales made will go to the tornado victims. http://ift.tt/1p85isx

Otherwise, to donate in general to the storm victims, visit http://www.stormassist.org

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New on 500px : Champagne supercell by MaxConradPhotography by MaxConradPhotography

Very rare and beautiful view of a strongly rotating supercellular thunderstorm lit up by frequent lightning and moonlight under a clear starry sky.
This photo was taken in the Champagne (Département Ardennes) near Rethel during a four day stormchasing tour through western Europe.

This is the same storm: http://ift.tt/1pvr60s


For several days parts of France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany have experienced a very rare weather pattern with exceptionally high energetic airmasses and strong wind shear. This lead to quite a few very strong thunderstorms racing over these areas again and again and again, most of them of supercellular nature.

During four days of strenuous stormchasing through France, Belgium and Germany mother nature showed us her power and beauty at her best – days like these are the reason for any stormchaser to go through all those agonizing moments of continuous decision making, weather forecasting, driving hundreds or thousands of kilometers may be for literally nothing, waiting bored for hours, missing the right spot, arriving too late or staying at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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New on 500px : Distant Strike by Shainblum by Shainblum

“Distant Strike”


One of my first storm chasing photos from my trip, we caught some really cool weather out on the plains. Hope you guys like the shot. 🙂

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New on 500px : Cypress Supercell by PeteBondurant by PeteBondurant

I was lucky to see a magnificent storm approaching the famous tuscan cypress. It was an awesome vision, because of the contrast between the green of the fields and the grey of the sky, with a little sunset beam of light from the right

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