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New on 500px : This Evening So Soon by LiorY by LiorY

It’s was already an evening when I took this shot.
I wanted to give a contrasty feeling to the houses vs the mountains. I took several shots but eventually I used only 2-one for the background-a relatively long exposure/high iso and the second for the houses.
Hamnøy, Lofoten.

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New on 500px : little berth by vy-vy by vy-vy

Little berth also known as “weed berth” for small fishing boats. It is not really a terminal, just the place where fishermen anchor their boats after hard nights on the lake for making their living… The living still continues day after day…

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New on 500px : A Colourful Sky. by Nick___ by Nick___

This is on Getty Images

Copyright All rights reserved by Nick – Photography.
Available for licensing and purchase on Getty Images.

RAW file processed with Canon digital software from the cd you get with the camera.
600D & 15-85mm lens.

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