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New on 500px : Moonlight Madness by tadingle by tadingle

I was surprised to be able to capture the moon and the Milky Way in the same frame with a single shot. This was imaged at Sequoia National Park, CA.

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New on 500px : Let It Shine by TjThorne by TjThorne


This one will look better by viewing on black. Click the photo to make that happen.

I don’t have many chances to get out to nature currently. “Life gets in the way of living” kind of stuff. When my friend Tula invited me on a hike on one of the busiest trails in Oregon on the Fourth of July… I felt no hesitation about tagging along.

I think my favorite image from the day is this one right here. I was hanging out in a cave when I noticed the backlit ferns. Not thinking anything of it.. I just started shooting. I was lucky enough to catch the sun peeking through the space between the top of the cave and the opposing ridge line. Water dripping down the outside cliff face adds another pleasing element to the scene.

Yeah.. there was a line at the payment box in the parking lot. Yeah.. there was barely any parking. Yup… there was a highway of people walking up the trail and cooling off in the waters. Yes.. I shot Punchbowl Falls. But sometimes when you have those chances to get out and immerse yourself in natural beauty you just need to suck it up and let that opportunity shine.

Thanks for reading.

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New on 500px : Val d’Orcia (Pienza) by ElliottWild by ElliottWild

Wonderful unique Tuscany, every corner attracts the eye and fascinates, it is impossible to remain indifferent to what nature and art Italian offer to the human eye. This is an example in the Val d’Orcia near Pienza.

Thanks to those who made it possible that I could see it and photograph it!

Many thanks to all for visit!

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New on 500px : Sunrise in Tuscany (h 5.55 AM) by ElliottWild by ElliottWild

A strong light coming from the window, asleep I got up out of bed to close the blinds, …my eyes were dazzled… I took my Nikon and I stopped my first photographic sunrise! In Tuscany, in front of San Gimignano.

Thanks to those who made it possible that I could see it and photograph it!
Many thanks to all for visit!

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New on 500px : Stand Out by tadingle by tadingle

A colorful butterfly/moth against a black and white background. This image was obtained in the wild along California Highway 1. Best viewed on black.

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New on 500px : Milky Way Rising by tadingle by tadingle

This image was captured on a rural highway in the mountains of California. It is very difficult to find an area in Southern California that has not been completely polluted by light. Luckily, this one still remains. However, notice the light from two separate cities creeping in from below. I hope that you enjoy. Best viewed on black.

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New on 500px : Blue Hour by klythawk by klythawk

Last light on West Lake, taken last winter.

Please press H & M for a nicer view. Thanks for looking, John.

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