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New on 500px : Star of the Show by PatrickMarsonOng by PatrickMarsonOng

My first visit to New Zealand was spring of 2012. I instantly fell in love with NZ’s landscape. Took my family the following autumn of 2013 and again with my shooting buddies during winter of that same year. This 2014. we officially opened our 1st ever autumn photo NZ photo tour from Philippines.

Here’s a shot taken 2 months ago, golden hour at Motukiekie Beach, New Zealand. Opted for a starburst this time. Cheers!

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New on 500px : Into the Sun by JCphotographics by JCphotographics

Fighting the Sun || Yosemite Valley, California, USA – More photos on my Facebook Page or Instagram @jasoncrowellphoto

There is something great about shooting for starbursts directly into the sun. One part is to hope you have a clean sensor and lens as every bit of dust and gunk will make itself known to you very fast

Any feedback is welcome!

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New on 500px : Epic Journey by PatrickMarsonOng by PatrickMarsonOng

It’s been my fourth time to New Zealand since 2012. We often fly in to Auckland, spending a couple of nights enjoying the city’s food and booze, then we fly to Wellington, visit a very close friend, rent a van and ride the Inter-islander ferry to start the south island photo tour journey!

First stop, Lake Tekapo. “Destination in 558KM, 6hrs and 50mins” as the gps always says upon leaving the ferry. Yes, it’s a very long drive but for me it’s the most amazing and scenic route one can ever see.

The drive takes you from the rugged, Seal-invaded coastline of Kaikoura, through the wonderful city of christchurch, continuing to the vast farming fields and huge mountains of Ashburton and Geraldine, then finally seeing the alps from Lake Tekapo, it is like a never ending adventure for a photographer.

Sharing one of the most photographed places in the country – Church of the Good Shephered, taken on a cloudless sunny morning. I often see amazing shots of sunrise, sunsets, twilights and star trails, so i opted for a different one. Starburst! LOL

One word to describe New Zealand? AMAZING. Cheers!

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